Why to Visit Vlora

Vlora is an old city founded in the sixth century B.C., originally known by the name Aulona. Vlora is situated in a beautiful location, in the front of the Karaburun peninsula and Sazan Island and surrounded by beaches and rocky sand.
The city carries historical importance to Albania as it hosted the First National Assembly, which declared the country’s independence from Ottoman rule on November 28th, 1912. The Museum of Independence is dedicated to this historic event. Other museums include the ethnographic and historic ones.

Highly recommended is the Muradije Mosque, the only work remaining in Albania from the famous architect Sinan the Great, built in 1542. On the top of the hill overlooking the city is the religious point of Kuzum Baba. Vlora is the starting point of the Albanian Riviera and is one of the most frequented areas of Albanian “Sun and Sea” tourism. Located in this region are the Orikum and Amantia archaeological parks, and the Llogara National Park.

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Himara is the center of the Albanian Riviera and is one of the most visited areas in the summer. It is a small sunny town located in southern Albania and 72.2 km (1h 42 min) from Vlora. The region has several Orthodox churches and monasteries, built in the traditional Byzantine architecture, like the Monastery of the Cross, Athaliotissa, Saint Theodore, etc.

Porto Palermo Bay

Porto Palermo is a small but beautiful bay, where the water is so clear it looks like the boats are floating. The bay also has a historical value do to the fact that Ali Pashe Tepelena built a fortress that stands between the sea and the mountains in the perfect spot to distinguish the enemies during the war.

Livadhi Beach

3 km north of Himara is Livadi beach, one of the largest bays in the area. The white stone beach, surrounded by green hills, olive trees and crystal clear sea, invites you to spend unforgettable vacations.

Potami Beach

If you are traveling in Vlora you should definitely visit Potami beach. It stands out for its deep waters, navigability and also rocky characteristics. The water here is colder due to the fact of underwater springs that flow all year long.

Unlike the beaches above, Llaman is a beach full of life. It is only 5 minutes from the center of Himara. At the peak of the tourist season, Llaman Beach is filled with holidays during the day but also in the evening. It is more frequented by young people.

Dhermi Beach

Dhërmi is located 56.7 km (1 h 18 min) from Vlora and is one of the most frequented and important tourist places along the Albanian coast. The crystal-clear waters, isolated beaches, water sports and diving make this the preferred beach of younger generation. The different beaches that are part of Dhërmi are Jaliksari, Shkambo and Gjipea.

Dhraleos Beach (Palase)

When speaking about beautiful beaches, Dhraleos beach is one of the most exotic and tranquil beaches of the Albanian coastal zone complete with rich blue waters. This beach is popular for water sports. In addition, it is the destination for the parachutes that launch from Llogara Pass. A fun fact about Dhraleos is that Julius Cesar actually landed on this beach with his troops.

Jale Beach

Jale beach is one of the most beautiful on the Ionian coast. As soon as you leave the village of Vuno for Himara, on a path that turns right to the sea, through the stones that go downhill, this natural beauty appears. The coastline is also suitable for those who do not like stony beaches, as fine stones do not cause annoyance upon exiting or entering the sea.
The sea is clear enough that at a depth of more than 4 meters, it is very easy to distinguish and something very small.

Perivolo Beach

Perivolo beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Drymades. It is surrounded by large rocks that create small and wondrous bays.

Alevra Beach

At the southern end of Dhermi you will find one of the most special beaches of the Ionian coast. Unique water colors, clarity of turquoise deep blue and burning orange sunset over the sea create an amazing show before which everyone should surrender. Alevra beach is definitely one of the must see if you are traveling the Ioanian coast.

Gjipe Beach

The beach of Gjipe, the most remotely accessed beach of the region, is created in a very special way. Its shore it’s formed by a creek and on both sides of the beach there is a magnificent canyon. It has quite a picturesque view and here you will find what it might be Albania’s most beautiful beach.

Zverneci Beach

Zverneci is a tourist area located northwest of Vlora, mainly known for the Monastery of Saint Mary. Situated 11.6 km (21 min) from the city is a sandy beach rehabilitated in recent years, suitable for family tourism, being favored by the pure Adriatic sand.



Vlora Port

The port of Vlora is located about 5 km from the center of Vlora. The main town is a commercial port of entry, busy with ferries and other traffic. It is the second largest port city of Albania, after Durrës. Vlora remains a major seaport and commercial center, with a significant fishing and industrial sector. The best beaches are located between Vlora and Saranda, often surrounded by pine forests and olive groves, and are characterized by very fine golden sand.

Himara Port

Himara is a coastal town in southern Albania, 72 km from Vlora. Himara has a small fishing port, which doesn’t offer good wind or swell protection but you can stay in good weather and enjoy visiting the bilingual town.

Orikum Marina

It is located at the south end of Vlora Bay. The Marina has all the usual facilities, and it is pretty safe to leave the boat. There is water and electricity to all berths. Nice sandy anchorage.



Sazan Island

The island of Sazan is nearby, strategically located at the entrance to the Bay of Vlora. Once a military base, Sazan Island’s beauty has swiftly turned it into one of the most attractive summer destinations in the country.

Karaburun Peninsula

Karaburun Peninsula, is the largest peninsula of Albania. The peninsula is a Managed Nature Reserve, and contains the Pasha Liman military base. The surrounding sea waters form part of the Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park. The western coast of Karaburun peninsula consists of small bays and rocky beaches. One of them is Gramma Bay.